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Find and Fix Deal Gaps Early — AI Coach Use Case
Find and Fix Deal Gaps Early — AI Coach Use Case

Use AI Coach to find exactly where deals are at risk, ensuring higher conversions.

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👤 Who is this for?

Sales Managers and Sales Reps who need to know when and how to save deals.


🆘 Hard to know which deals are at risk?

Not knowing when and why deals are slipping through the cracks is a costly challenge.

  • Relying on reps' opinions to assess deal health.

  • Having to be a fly on the wall for every interaction.

  • Not knowing which deals to get involved with, when and how.

These gaps lead to missed opportunities and inaccurate forecasts.

You lose revenue. Reps lose morale.


Find hidden risks in every deal with automated call reviews

With AI Coach, you get immediate information that reveals hidden risks in deals without having to listen to recordings.

  • AI Coach reviews every single call automatically.

  • You get both deal insights and rep performance info.

  • Reps can fix mistakes to save the deal before it ends up in closed-lost.

This means true visibility on your team's deals so you can invest time on actions that will actually turn potential losses into wins.

How AI Coach helps you

A step-by-step of how to find and fix deal gaps with Triple Session's AI Coach.

1️⃣ Ben just had a Discovery Call with a promising prospect. You want to assess the deal's health.

Start on your team's Dashboard and go to Ben's Analytics.

2️⃣ To see how the conversation went with the prospect, click on Ben's Call Reviews.

3️⃣ Search for the call by typing the prospect's name or the prospect's company.

🚩 You can see Ben's score is on red – only 52%! This tells you something's wrong.

4️⃣ On Ben's Performance Summary, you notice he didn't perform as well as he could in aspects such as Root Cause Analysis and Quantifying Pain.

5️⃣ By checking the Deal Insights, under Current Situation, you can quickly figure out what the prospect's problems are.

Now, AI Coach said Ben didn't investigate the root cause of these problems. Let's confirm this on the next step.

6️⃣ The Scorecard drill-down confirms that Ben could've asked open-ended questions to better pinpoint the root cause of the prospect's issues.

👉 So, what's the deal gap?

Without the root cause, Ben can't position his solution to address the real issues affecting the prospect, missing the chance to show value that truly resonates.

💡 What can you do?

Coach Ben to ask open-ended questions to investigate the problem's root cause, both on his next contact with this specific prospect, and on his next deals.

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