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See Who is Following the Playbook — AI Coach Use Case
See Who is Following the Playbook — AI Coach Use Case

Use AI Coach to ensure team selling aligns with sales strategy and objectives.

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👤 Who is this for?

Sales Managers and Sales Enablers who need to ensure reps follow processes and execute pre-defined sales strategy.


🆘 Hard to keep reps following the process?

Sales playbooks ensure quality deal execution and higher conversions. But if reps don't stick to it, results suffer.

  • No objective way for measuring playbook adoption.

  • Reps doing things their way (especially seniors).

  • Misaligned team selling directly hurting revenue.


Get immediate visibility on playbook adoption

AI Coach changes your team's relationship with the playbook:

  • Use your own playbook as AI Coach's brain.

  • Get a score and insights based on the playbook for every call.

  • Measure team and individual adoption and performance over time.

Now, you don't have to guess anymore who's following the playbook, and exactly how and where each rep performs against it.

How AI Coach helps you

A step-by-step of how to measure playbook adoption with Triple Session's AI Coach.

1️⃣ On your Dashboard, you can see the scorecard built from your Discovery playbook.

You notice your team is doing well in "Agenda" and their biggest gap is "Scheduling the Next Meeting".

2️⃣ The reps at the bottom of the Team Ranking give you an idea of who might missing the mark on sticking with playbook strategy.

3️⃣ You check the bottom rep's Analytics – Terry Jordan.

🚩 His biggest gap is "Impact".

🚩 Many other scorecard areas are below 50%, which signals he's indeed not executing the playbook as well as he could.

4️⃣ You can check Terry's 3 lowest scoring calls to get details on what exactly he might be doing that's not adhering to the playbook.

🌟 Coming soon: ability to click on a Scorecard Breakdown area to automatically filter calls per area and see which ones are dragging the score down.

5️⃣ From Terry's Performance summary, you realize "Understanding Impact" marked as what can improve, which aligns with Terry's biggest gap.

6️⃣ The Scorecard analysis shows that Terry is failing to execute Impact by:

  • Not discussing with enough depth aspects like metrics and negative impacts in case the problem persists.

  • Not discussing at all duration of the problem and who else is impacted by the problem aside from the prospect.

7️⃣ Now, you can coach Terry to dig deeper on these elements of the prospect's situation. You can use tips and resources from Terry's Coaching Plan to make your life easier when helping Terry out.

Try AI Coach for free and see for yourself

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