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Ramp Up New Reps Faster — AI Coach Use Case
Ramp Up New Reps Faster — AI Coach Use Case

Use AI Coach to get new hires selling faster with immediate feedback and performance measuring.

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👤 Who is this for?

Sales Managers and Sales Enablers who need new reps productive and bringing revenue fast, without lacking in quality execution.


🆘 New hires not selling fast enough?

Expanding the team brings as much opportunity as uncertainty.

  • New hires often feel lost without consistent, immediate feedback.

  • Not knowing where new reps are struggling.

  • Slow ramp-up time translating to missed goals.

If new reps don't reach productivity quickly, revenue and team morale pay the price.


Get new reps bringing revenue faster

AI Coach helps new reps hit the ground running — not just fast, but effectively.

  • Measure new rep performance on every call.

  • Identify where each new rep needs improvement — and positive reinforcement.

  • Provide coaching with training resources tailored to each new rep's unique needs.

Now, new rep onboarding can finally scale, bringing results without costing you time.

How AI Coach helps you

A step-by-step of how to ramp up new reps faster with Triple Session's AI Coach.

1️⃣ You just hired a few new reps. You can create a workspace on Triple Session's AI Coach to measure new rep performance as a group.

2️⃣ As soon as they start making calls, you can see hard-evidence of what's going well and what needs to improve.

You can compare their performance across each week of the onboarding period.

3️⃣ You can pull up individual call reports and use specific examples to make your 1-1 conversations proactive, effectively reinforcing positive behavior and helping course-correct where needed.

4️⃣ Individual call reports give you an actionable summary of the new rep's performance, and you can drill down to get accurate information on their deal and on their playbook performance.

5️⃣ AI Coach also generates a customized Coaching Plan for each individual new rep.

You can assign training resources from Triple Session's integrated library, and measure call performance in the weeks after your coaching sessions.

💡 New reps reach productivity and bring in the revenue much faster with:

  • Automated and immediate hard-data on call performance

  • Performance measuring for both individuals and teams

  • Detailed qualitative insight on deal health and playbook adoption

  • Customized coaching plan and integrated training resources

Try AI Coach for free and see for yourself

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