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Win More Deals With Instant Feedback — AI Coach Use Case
Win More Deals With Instant Feedback — AI Coach Use Case

Use AI Coach to get actionable sales advice without waiting for your manager to review your calls.

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👤 Who is this for?

Sales Reps who need to win more deals, without missing opportunities due to delayed and subjective feedback.


🆘 Unsure how to improve deal conversion?

Without clarity on why deals fall through, it's difficult to take corrective action to turn potential losses into wins.

  • No time to review deal health.

  • Deals slipping and you don't know why.

  • Feedback can be subjective, leaving you uncertain about what to apply.


Win more deals with instant feedback on every call

AI Coach provide a continuous stream of actionable insights that helps reps stay on top of their game and consistently close more deals.

  • AI Coach reviews your calls as soon as they end.

  • Get data-backed feedback without waiting for manager availability.

  • Apply specific, actionable advice to win more deals.

How AI Coach helps you

A step-by-step of how to win more deals with Triple Session's AI Coach.

1️⃣ To get immediate feedback on your deals automatically, just connect AI Coach to your Zoom account.

2️⃣ Once you've connected your Zoom account, turn on "Automatically Review Calls". Then, choose the scorecard that the AI Coach will use to review all of your calls.

3️⃣ Now, every time you finish a call, AI Coach will assess it immediately.

You will get an email letting you know your deal feedback is available on the platform.

4️⃣ You get a score indicating how you performed on every deal.

🚩 Low scoring reports indicate deals that might be at risk — keep an eye on them to learn what needs work.

🟢 You can also check high scoring reports to replicate what's working.

5️⃣ Along with qualitative data on your performance, you get access to Deal Insights.

It surfaces key information from the deal that you can copy and paste it into your CRM, saving you time.

🌟 Coming soon: ability to generate a follow-up email template with key deal information to easily edit and send to your prospect.

6️⃣ Get specific with the Scorecard details that surface examples of what exactly you did and how it impacted the health of the deal.

7️⃣ Finally, you get a custom Coaching Plan with actionable tips to apply on your next calls, along with bite-sized sessions from top sales pros teaching to tackle your deals in a way you ensure a successful close.

Try AI Coach for free and see for yourself

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