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See How Top Reps Crush Their Quota — AI Coach Use Case
See How Top Reps Crush Their Quota — AI Coach Use Case

Use AI Coach to replicate winning behavior from top performers, guiding the team to reach quotas consistently.

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🆘 Unsure how to spread top performer tactics?

When you have reps who consistently outperform, the smartest thing to do is to get the entire team to follow in their footsteps — but it's not as simple as it sounds.

  • Lacking objective visibility into the specific behaviors and techniques of top reps.

  • Difficulty sharing best practices across the team.

  • Hard to support team-wide coaching at scale.


Leverage winning behaviors from your top sellers

Now, you can find and share knowledge from your strongest reps across your sales team.

  • AI Coach finds the key successful behaviors from top reps.

  • Share insights with the entire team to replicate winning tactics.

  • Reps consistently reach quotas by adopting proven methods from top performers.

With AI Coach, the collective knowledge of your top performers can now impact everyone's results.

How AI Coach helps you

A step-by-step of how to spread winning tactics across the team with Triple Session's AI Coach.

1️⃣ You know Ashley's been crushing her numbers, month after month.

You want to learn what she's doing differently — so, first, you compare her with Terry, one of your reps who haven't been doing so well.

2️⃣ Ashley's scorecard performance is almost perfect — whatever she's missing doesn't seem to be affecting her numbers.

Coincidentally, she performs best where Terry performs worst: identifying the prospects Pain.

3️⃣ By checking Ashley's and Terry's call reports, you can compare how both of them are handling the Pain area of the playbook.

While Terry seems to stay on the surface of the prospect's problem, Ashley does a much better job digging deeper with open-ended questions.

4️⃣ You can handpick from Ashley's high scoring calls and use the way she interacts with her prospects as examples to spread her tactics across the team.

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